The Flamer team in Oneonta, New York, stands outside Weinert Farm, home of adult-use cannabis brand Flamer.
The cultivators behind Flamer, from left to right: William Weinert, Patrick Weinert, and Rebecca Weinert at Weinert Farm in Oneonta, New York.


New York state’s Cannabis Growers Showcase program aims to give licensed cannabis growers an opportunity to showcase their cultivars and products directly to consumers in a regulated environment. Bison Botanics is hosting a Cannabis Growers Showcase weekly until the end of 2023. As part of the showcase we want to give each participating cultivator an opportunity to tell some of their story with a brief Q&A.

What’s the name of your farm?


What are the names and titles of the founders?

Wyatt Harms, CEO; Khalil Acevedo, Head of Cannabis; Matías Alvial, Head of Brand; Patrick Weinert, Cultivator

Where is your farm located? 

Oneonta, New York

Where did you grow up? 

All over the world! Wyatt is from Texas, Khalil is from the Dominican Republic, Matías is from Chile, and Patrick is from Westchester, New York. 

How long have you been cultivating cannabis? 

Our team has been cultivating cannabis for the past four years

What inspires you to cultivate cannabis? 

We believe cannabis creates community and want more people connected through the plant.   

Flamer cannabis pre-rolls are available at the Bison Botanics adult-use dispensary Cannabis Growers Showcase until the end of 2023.
Flamer pre-rolls are available in two strains at the Bison Botanics adult-use dispensary Cannabis Growers Showcase.


What is unique about your cultivation methods and cultivars? 

We don’t use any pesticides and only natural ingredients for plant food.