Joann and Michael Kudrewicz, co-founders of Ravens View Genetics.
Joann and Michael Kudrewicz, co-founders of Ravens View Genetics on the farm in Dehli. New York.


New York state’s Cannabis Growers Showcase program aims to give licensed cannabis growers an opportunity to showcase their cultivars and products directly to consumers in a regulated environment. Bison Botanics is hosting a Cannabis Growers Showcase weekly until the end of 2023. As part of the showcase we want to give each participating cultivator an opportunity to tell some of their story with a brief Q&A.

What’s the name of your farm?

Ravens View Genetics

Who are the founder and leaders of your farm? 

Joann and Michael Kudrewicz

Where is your farm located? 

Delhi, New York

Where did you grow up? 

We grew up in Brooklyn (Joann) and New Jersey (Michael). We’ve spent the last 18 years in Delhi, NY, surrounded by the scenic Catskill Mountains. 

How long have you been cultivating cannabis? 

Over 20 years.

Michael Kudrewicz, co-founder and lead cultivator for Ravens View Genetics over sees trimming of a final crop.
Michael Kudrewicz, co-founder and lead cultivator for Ravens View Genetics, pays close attention to each step of the cultivation process.


What inspires you to cultivate cannabis? 

The plant’s natural essence inspires us to innovate and honor the true beauty of cannabis. We are very passionate about educating consumers on the potential of cannabis and how it can impact their daily lives when used responsibly.

What is unique about your cultivation methods and cultivars? 

Michael’s deep commitment to preserving pure Landrace Genetics differentiates Ravens View Genetics’ products and sets him apart.

Michael has developed a unique program to optimize the growing environment. Michael’s methods preemptively respond to the plant’s needs to ensure the entourage effect of the whole plant profile is achieved.


Ravens View Genetics, in Delhi, New York, focuses on Landrace cannabis cultivars. The beautiful Catskill Mountains surround the farm.


What drives your passion for cannabis? 

We have a passion for delivering the plant as nature intended. Paying homage to the regions and growers worldwide that shaped the evolution of these Landrace Strains guides us to share our love for the plant with those who seek a nuanced, whole-plant experience. 





Ravens View Genetics