Salt City Cannabis founders crop a field of cannabis in the Finger Lakes Region.
Eli Leentjes and Aaron Leentjes, brothers and founders of Salt City Cannabis in the Finger Lakes Region.

New York state’s Cannabis Growers Showcase program aims to give licensed cannabis growers an opportunity to showcase their cultivars and products directly to consumers in a regulated environment. Bison Botanics is hosting a Cannabis Growers Showcase weekly until the end of 2023. As part of the showcase, we want to give each participating cultivator an opportunity to tell some of their story with a brief Q&A

What is the name of your farm?

Salt City Cannabis

What are the name and title of founders?

Eli Leentjes, Founder and Aaron Leentjes, Founder 

Where is your farm located? 

Finger Lakes Region.

Mature cannabis cola in the field at Salty City Cannabis.
Salty City Cannabis’ FlyOver strain coming to maturity in the field.

Where did you grow up? 

We grew up in Central New York, near Cooperstown. 

How long have you been cultivating cannabis? 

Over five years.  

What inspires you to cultivate cannabis? 

Our family has a relationship with cannabis spanning generations. We are proudly carrying a family tradition into the emerging New York marketplace. To us, cannabis is about community. Hearing about other people’s passion and struggles surrounding this plant constantly inspires us. We stand on the shoulders of giants and find inspiration in those who came before us.  

What is unique about your cultivation methods and cultivars? 

We make meticulous, hand-crafted cannabis products. Our hands-on approach ensures no compromises from soil to seed to our drying, curing, and trimming methods. We ensure the integrity of the plant. 

We are the people who planted the seeds and fostered the plants to maturity, entirely in tune with the products. Not some faceless lead grower or harvest crew. We pride ourselves on producing what we call “Hands on Cannabis.” The flower in our products has passed through our hands multiple times on its journey to your enjoyment.  

A field of cannabis nearing the end of its growth cycle at Salty City Cannabis.
Salty City Cannabis is located in the Finger Lakes Region.


What drives your passion for cannabis? 

Our passion lies in connecting consumers with safe, tested, sustainable, NYS-grown cannabis. Our goal is to ensure New York communities have access to products grown by New York farmers.  

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